Board your horse

Looking for a great home for your horse? We have just about every kind of horse under the sun here at Cottonwood, and take pride in providing each one with the best of care.

Our horses are fed and watered twice a day with a high-quality alfalfa hay mix and alfalfa-based pellets. We offer a variety of boarding options, with three large, well-kept barns for indoor boarding, several turnout pastures, open pens with run-in sheds, and pasture board–all at reasonable prices. Each option includes full use of our facilities.

We also offer professional training programs to support the owners of green or challenging horses and additional services such as worming, extra feeding and blanketing.



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Service Description Price Rate
Pasture Open air board with other horses $300.00 Monthly
Paddock Open air board with other horses, 3x daily feedings $330.00 Monthly
Open Pen Open air board $390.00 Monthly
Breezeway Barn Stall in open-sided barn $390.00 Monthly
Covered Run Pen with shelter $410.00 Monthly
Centennial Barn 12’x12′ box stall $460.00 Monthly
Arapahoe Barn 12’x12′ box stall $460.00 Monthly
Pasture or individual turnout Three days/week $75.00 Monthly
Training rides An experienced, expert trainer rides your horse $40.00 Per Ride